MRL Home Elevator


Once considered a luxury, the Home Elevator (also known as House Elevators) has evolved into a handy household comfort, allowing you to move groceries, laundry, luggage, guests, furniture and more from floor to floor with ease. Homeowners across North America consider these to be a worthwhile and useful addition to any home.

CITI Elevator can provide the following In-Home Elevator Drive Systems:

Dumbwaiter in a Restaurant.

DUMBWAITERS – For Commercial & Residential Use

Dumbwaiters are small freight elevators, intended to carry objects rather than people; most commonly serving dishes, food, and hospitality accessories.

Dumbwaiter manufacturers have two different classifications for this type of elevator; mainly Commercial Dumbwaiters & Residential Dumbwaiters. Our commercial dumbwaiter is designed for non-passenger vertical transportation, with net load capacities of 300 to 500 lbs.

CITI’s Commercial Dumbwaiters are available in the following models:

  • Commercial Dumbwaiter (Hoistway Model)
  • Commercial Dumbwaiter (Free Standing Model)

Our dumbwaiter systems offer several different options to suit your project’s needs.

Freight Elevator


Designed for access to multi-floor facilities, freight elevators are built to carry heavier loads and are finished to withstand tough working conditions. CITI Elevator’s freight elevators are the economical and reliable solution for handling all of your freight transportation needs.

CITI can provide you with the following Elevator Drive Systems:

  • Hydraulic Freight Elevator
  • Traction Freight Elevator
  • Rack & Pinion Freight Elevators (MRL)

Available for all class of loading A, C1, C2, C3. Email us today for your free Quotation!

Material Lift with rider inside the Cab

FREIGHT LIFTS – Economical Solution

CITI Elevator’s Freight Lift (also known as Freight Lift Elevator) is used for the transport of material safely and easily from one level to another. These type of lifts can be used in storage facilities, warehouses, health care facilities, and anywhere else where freight needs to be moved over short distances. CITI Elevator’s Material Lifts are governed by the ASME A17.1 / CSA B44 safety standards, which allow for 5m or 16’5″ of travel distance—7.6m or 25′ in Ontario–and a maximum lift speed of 0.15m/sec (30ft./min).


Small Material lift (VRC) lifting a box.

Material Lift- No Rider

A Material Lift (VRC) is a lift that is used to move equipment from one level to another. A VRC may also be referred to as:

  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor
  • Material lift Elevator
  • Industrial Lift
  • Cargo only lift.

These are used in industrial settings and provide a safe and efficient way of transporting materials.

One important characteristic of the VRC is that it is not used to carry personnel. This essentially means that VRCs have their own national code (ASME B20.1), making them exempt from the National Elevator Code. (ASME B20.1 cannot be supplied in Canada).

Woman going into a small  Pitless Elevator.

LULA Elevator – Meeting Accessibility Challenges

Limited Use Limited Application Elevators (LULA) provide a practical solution for meeting accessibility challenges in your building. Meeting accessibility challenges isn’t just required under the law–it’s also good business sense. CITI Elevator provides a line of commercial elevators for all business sectors, aimed at increasing your customer base, exceeding legal compliance standards and growing your company.

The LULA has a higher weight capacity as compared to wheelchair lifts and can travel up to 25’. It does not require the construction of a deep pit for installation and hence, may also be referred to as a “pitless elevator”.

Wheelchair lift Toronot

WHEELCHAIR LIFTS – The Ultimate Accessibility Solution

Wheelchair Lifts (also known as Vertical Accessibility and ADA Lifts) are an economical and space-efficient alternative to passenger elevators, making public buildings more accessible for the handicapped.  They are primarily used to carry a handicapped person in a wheelchair with or without an attendant. Typically a wheelchair lift can travel up to 7 m (23’) as per Canadian elevator safety standard CSA B-355 and 4.3m (12’) as per ASME A18.1 American safety standards.

CITI Elevator can offer you the following two options:

  • Enclosed Cab Wheelchair Lift
  • Vertical Platform Lift

Wheelchair Lifts can also double as casket lifts. Email us today for a free Quotation!

Stair chair lift on a wood stair case

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts (otherwise also known as stair chair lifts) as can be ascertained from the name, consist of a chair that travels up and down a stairway. These are considered the safest solution for people who have limited mobility or other similar limitations. The chair/seat runs on tracks or rails. These tracks/rails may be mounted on the surface of the stairs or on the wall beside it.


  • Curved Staircase Lifts
  • Straight Staircase lifts
Passenger Elevator Canada


The man who solved the elevator safety problem, making skyscrapers possible, was Elisha Otis, who is generally known as the inventor of the modern elevator.  Hole-less Hydraulic Elevators are the perfect solution for 3 to 4 story buildings, have a piston on either side of the cab. In this configuration, the telescoping pistons are fixed at the base of the pit and do not require a sheave or hole below the pit.

AUTO DOOR CAR LIFT _ Wide pic 600X200


Also known as Automobile Elevators, these are an investment, with the potential for instant payoff in modern urban developments and allowing for significant space savings and design flexibility for building planners and architects. The result: more innovative design, a touch of luxury and increased property value.

CITI Elevator can provide you with very competitive and economical prices. Our excellent product quality and our efficient installation service will ensure that your vehicle elevators will last you for the long haul.

Home Car lift - outdoors


A Home Car Lift, also referred to as Residential Elevator, is any auto aficionado’s dream. A home car lift allows you to maintain a hands-on relationship with your machine, while still storing it in its own safe, affordable parking space.

CITI Elevator’s two-deck drive-on lift is a smart, affordable way to double your home parking capacity. Our home car lift system can double your parking space and is easy to install and operate.

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