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Car Elevator Toronto Canada

Car Elevator Cost.

Car Elevator costs vary based on size, capacity, travel, number of stops and how the entrances are related to each other. Let CITI’s experts help you with our free, no obligation quotes!

Dumbwaiters for Restaurants & More…

Dumbwaiters are best described as small Freight Elevators that provide convenient and safe transportation of small items. CITI can provide Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiters in different sizes and capacity.

Commercial Dumbwaiter
Freight Elevator

Freight Elevator Size

Freight Elevator sizes can vary from very small i.e. 12 sq/ft to very large i.e. 200 sq/ft or bigger. Let our team of experts choose the correct size and capacity for your project!

Freight Lifts – Our Pitless Elevator 

Freight lifts provide a great alternative to Freight Elevators – and at a much lower price. Available in Pit Less Model and without the need for any civil construction (with Modular free Standing Elevator Hoistway).

Freight Lift with Attendant
Home Elevator Toronto

Small Home Elevators

Small Home Elevators are a fantastic solution for multi-level homes. Keep your dream home accessible for as long as you like.  These provide a convenient way of transporting laundry, grocery and other small items to any level of your home.

LULA Elevator – Small Elevator benefits.

Don’t need a full passenger elevator? LULA (Limited Use/Limited Application) Elevators are perfectly suited for buildings where providing a pit or 3 phase power is an issue.  Let our team help you with the design of a small LULA elevator!

LULA Elevator Toronto
Material Lift Elevator

Material Lift Elevator

Do you need to send material only from one level to another? Our material lifts are designed to carry cargo only- no riders are permitted on them.  Let our team of experts help with the design and planning of a Material Lift.

Elevators for low rise building.

If Elisha Otis (Founder of Otis Elevator Company) had not invented the braking systems for elevators, we would all be living in two or three story buildings. Our elevators are designed specifically to transport the public and, therefore, must meet strict code guidelines on both the national and local levels.

Passenger Elevator Canada
Stair Lift Mississauga

Stair Lifts– Regain the Freedom in your home

Stair lifts provide freedom to go up and down in your home safely and smoothly. Stair lifts are motorized chairs that travel along a rail mounted to the treads of stairs. Straight Stairs, Curve Stairs, Spiral Stairs – CITI has solutions for all types of stairs.

Wheelchair lifts- Accessibility solutions.

Wheelchair lifts for buildings are perfect, economical solutions to building accessibility problems. Available in pit less enclosed models (like a small elevator).

Wheelchair Lift Toronto