Car Elevators are an investment, with the potential for instant payoff in modern urban developments, allowing for significant space savings and design flexibility for building planners and architects. The result: more innovative design, a touch of luxury and increased property values. In large, metropolitan Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary as well as US cities like NYC, vehicle elevators are increasingly becoming a necessity.


For auto aficionados, a car elevator garage is the ultimate solution that can provide a safe and cost-effective parking space.


Car elevators are engineered for lower average speeds & heavy load capacity for tough everyday working conditions. This means that your vehicle elevator will last—and enhance your property—for the long haul.


Our car elevator prices are among some of the most cost-effective in the market today. We guarantee that we will work with you to customize your car elevator dimensions and size (for both commercial as well as residential buildings) to suit your project’s needs.

Code: ASME A17.1/CSA  B44

loading Class: Class B

Capacity:  12,000 lbs. (higher Capacity Available)

Max Travel:  UP to 65 ft Hydro (Higher Traction)

Max Size:  UP TO 240 Sq/ft

Speed:  Up to 100 F.P.M.

Power  208/480/600- 3 phase 60hz


  • Stainless Steel Cab
  • Glass Cab
  • NEMA 4 Call/ Sends
  • Security Access.
  • Auto vertical Bi-Parting landing doors.
  • Auto vertical Bi-Parting Car doors.
  • Remote Call send.
  • In- Cab Signal light for stop location.