Car Turntable- 360


Do you have problems getting out of your parking space onto a busy road? With CITI’s Car Turntable you will never have to reverse out of your driveway again.

A car turntable or driveway turntable is a rotating platform designed for use by a car; they can be motorized or manually rotated and are usually installed in a driveway or in a garage floor. They rotate a motor vehicle to facilitate its easier or safer egress. Sometimes a local zoning prohibition of vehicles backing onto busy roadways prompts the installation of car turntables.

We offer a diverse range of turntables for cars, trucks, specialty uses and the automobile industry. Car, automobile and truck turntable costs vary based on size and capacity and include all drawings and schematics for contractor installation.

                            CAR TURN TABLE BENEFITS

 Designed to provide quiet, Smooth rotation of car or trucks.

Park multiple cars in one small space.

ECO-FRIENDLY As a result of its innovative design, park multiple cars in one same spot.


Machine Room Less technology
  • Finish: Painted Steel, Finished Stainless Steel, Finish Mirror Finish,
  • Brushed Finish, others.
  • Automatic Turn.
  • 2 Car turn Option.

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