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Residential Dumbwaiters come in different sizes and capacities. The weight of a Home Dumbwaiter varies from 100lbs to 150 lbs. They can range from 20”X 20” to 24”X 24” if needed. Custom sizes are also available.   

Residential Dumbwaiters are available in three different styles; On/Off same side, On/Off Opposites side and On/Off at 90 degrees. Custom styles are also available. 

Dumbwaiter Safety

All our dumbwaiters come with Interlocks (EMI) and Over Speed safety devises. The EMI (electro-mechanical interlocks) is a type of lock that communicates with the dumbwaiter controller, ensuring that the doors will only open when the unit has reached a particular floor level.  The Overspeed Safety Device prevents the Dumbwaiter from free falling or moving faster than it is intended to.

Home Dumbwaiter- Versa


Residential dumbwaiters are ideal for transporting laundry to different levels of the house, groceries from the garage to the kitchen, bottles and cases from/to the wine cellar, and for hauling firewood from the ground level to your living space. Residential dumbwaiters are designed keeping  your convenience in mind.

In today’s urban centers, homes are being built on smaller pieces of land. Typically, one floor is stacked on top of another, which means residents are required to carry heavy loads up and down a number of stairs. This can be dangerous for anyone, particularly for the elderly. Installing a dumbwaiter in your home is an excellent solution to this inconvenience.

Residential Dumbwaiters travel within a hoistway carrying various objects. The car (the box that carries the load) moves within the hoistway along a guide rail. Cables and pulleys are generally used to lift and lower the car.

Each landing gets a call/ send button and each cab has a slide up gate (cab door) so that items don’t fall and get caught within the dumbwaiter

What is the cost of a Residential Dumbwaiter?

The cost of a Dumbwaiter is based on the size, capacity, the number of floors served and the location. Dumbwaiters are cost effective solutions if you are trying to move small objects between two or more levels of your home.

What finish is generally used for a Residential Dumbwaiter?

The most commonly used material for a Home Dumbwaiter elevator is wood veneer or stainless steel.



A dumbwaiter can be an important feature in your home, ensuring that your various items – laundry, firewood, dishes etc – are easily transported from one floor to another without the need for climbing stairs.


Our Standard finish is 9ply Birch walls. Custom cabs are available in stainless steel, painted steel and other finishes as needed. We will work with you to customize your dumbwaiter to fit your home’s aesthetic look and need.


Dumbwaiters cover very little surface area in your home.  Feel free to request a free planning guide to learn more about custom platform sizes and styles.


CITI Elevator’s Dumbwaiters are offered at some of the most competitive prices on the market.

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Practical Solution
  • Up to 150 (68kg) lbs capacity.
  • 30 fpm
  • Up to 45ft of Travel.
  • Roll- up gate.
  • Up to 4 Stops
  • 120AVC- 15 Apms
  • Car shelf (Optional)
  • Key lock out (Optional)
  • Two openings at one level.
  • Safety devices including slack cable, final limit, and trolley brake

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