Freight Elevator Size & Cost

Freight Elevators are designed and built for smooth transportation of material and cargo. They are mainly used for carrying heavy loads and large volumes while withstanding rugged working conditions. Although they move at a slower speed as compared to passenger elevators, they can transport goods and cargo very efficiently.

Size of Freight Elevator

Citi Elevator Inc. can supply you with extremely robust and durable freight elevators.

We can work with you to customize your Cargo elevator dimensions. In order to do this, we will require the following details from you:

  • Load weight movement per hour
  • Size and type of load
  • Vertical travel distance
  • Method of loading
  • Number of floors served
  • Type of building

Freight Elevator size can vary from small to large. Small elevator cabins may be as small as 3ft x 4ft and are ideal for transporting goods between multiple floors.

The freight elevator cost is dependent on size, capacity and drive system.

Custom and standard elevator dimension can be made available upon request.

Freight elevator manufacturers use the following Elevator Drive Systems:

  • Capacity: 3000lbs (1364kg) to 12000lbs (5455kg)
  • Speed: up to 100Fpm (.5m/s)
  • Max Travel: 65ft (19.8m)
  • Maximum number of Stops: 6
  • CODE: ASME/CSA A17.1/B-44
  • Class Loading: A
  • Drive: Electric Drum or Traction.
  • Power: 208V- 3 phase
  • Stainless Steel Cab, Galvanize Steel Cab.
  • Higher Capacity and Sizes Available.
  • Dust Proof and/or Explosion Proof.
  • Vertical Bi-Parting landing doors.
  • Swing landing doors
  • Vertical Slide- up doors
  • Slide-up/Bi- Parting car doors.
  • Simplex or Group Elevator Operation.