Traditional Freight lifts & Freight elevators are built to be installed inside a bricks and motor hoistway and may cost money as well as longer installation times. The process of installing a traditional elevator can be quite tedious, requiring the excavation of a pit & the construction of a hoistway. A freestanding hoistway Freight lift  is built inside prefabricated steel hoistways. Modular or welded steel hoistway structures fully contain the lift car, rails,  and drive system inside.


CITI’s Freestanding hoistway lifts are easier and less time consuming to install as compared to the normal hoistway models. Our freestanding structures are not reliant on the building’s structure and can arrive at your site previously assembled (optional), which essentially means that the installation time is minimal! Furthermore, our modular design can also be relocated as they don’t need to be an inherent part of the structure that they are servicing. They are attached to the existing structure without having to share the same foundation, allowing for more versatility and functionality. Our Freight Lifts are less costly than brick built, with the hoistway being a part of the price!


At CITI, we ensure that our structures are built under controlled factory conditions to meet strict quality standards. We will ensure that we provide you with simplified and hassle-free service, from the time of approval of your drawings till the time of the installation. We will also make sure that our structures are customized to fit with the look of the existing building.


At CITI, we strive to configure our Freight lifts and Elevators to address your specified project requirements. Our  lifts and elevators  can be designed in a way that is well suited to older constructions, i.e. without the need for shaft or reinforced flooring. Together with our North American and European manufacturers, we can customize your lifts or elevator to suit any environment or application.

Capacity: 300lbs to 5000lbs *

Max Height: 25ft *

Size:  Up to 100 sq/ft*

Number 0f stops: Up to 4 stops *

  • other custom options available.
  • Glass Panels.
  • Solid Steel Panels
  • Wire Mesh Panels.
  • Painted Structure
  • Powder Coated Structure
  •  Anodized Structure.