Home Elevators may also be referred to as Residential Elevators or House Elevators by elevator manufacturers and elevator companies. Once considered a luxury, these have evolved into a handy, household comfort, allowing you to move groceries, laundry, luggage, guests, furniture and more from floor to floor with ease. An elevator for the home can be considered an investment and can increase the value of a property. This is evident by the increase in the number of homeowners across Canada that consider these to be a valuable and useful addition to their homes.


CITI Elevator Inc’s In-Home elevators are designed to provide luxurious, yet affordable vertical transportation for multi-level homes. We can customize our home lift to match the décor of your house, with our wide range of cab finishes and colors. We guarantee that we will work with you to customize your elevator dimensions in order to suit your specific project’s needs and requirements. Our innovative drive systems ensure that your home elevator is reliable and provides a whisper quiet ride from start to finish. Consider a residential elevator as an extension of your lifestyle, giving you freedom and flexibility.


CITI’s in-home glass elevator is one of the most popular choices in the home elevator market today. Furthermore, we are able to supply you with some of the best technology from around the world.  We supply the following Home Elevator Drive Systems:


Capacity:  Up to 1400 lbs (630Kg)

Speed: upto  50 fpm (.3 m/s)

Max Cab size: up to 20 sq/ft

Safety: Class A

Building Power Failure: UPS Back up lowing.




Cab Option: WOOD,  Metal, Glass, Laminates

COP:   Stainless Steel,  Oil Rubbed,  Brass,

Call Stations:  Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed, Brass

Telephone:  Hands Free, Dial Pad, Telephone Cabinet