Glass Elevators

The Pitless Glass Home Elevator – Functionality & Style

Glass Elevators add functionality as well as style to your home,  all at a very personalized  package, then CITI’s exciting new Glass Elevators are ideal for you. These are designed to integrate into your home to match the decor, typically in applications from 2-6 stops and with a maximum travel distance of 40 ft.

Our Glass Elevators are available in two exciting shapes; the Round Glass Elevator and the Octagonal Elevator and consist of panels that are constructed out of 100% UV resistant acrylic or silica. Acrylic is about 20 times stronger than glass, hence making these elevators very reliable and dependable. In addition, our Glass Home Elevators comprise of a steel hoistway and cab frame and a clear interior.

Our unique design and technology ensure a smooth and quiet ride from start to stop. There is no need for a machine room and installation can be done from anywhere between 1-3 days. These elevator can easily be fitted virtually anywhere in the home, including existing stairwells, without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Whatever your need or preference, CITI’s team of professionals will work with you to customize our Glass Home Elevator to your requirements. Several different options can be made available to you, such as custom colors, finishes, balcony attachment, integrated speakerphone, 3-side car entry & exit, panoramic car ceiling and many more.

CITI’s Glass Home Elevators can enhance the beauty of your home with our minimalistic, sleek look and aesthetic feel. Email us today for your free brochure and Quotation.

  • Capacity:  up to 950lbs 431 kg
  • Speed:  up to 40 fpm
  • Max Travel:  40 ft 12.2m
  • Max # of Stops: 6
  • Platform size: 13.4 sq/ft  or 15 sq/ft
  • Elevator System Size: 58″ (round)
  • Cab Height: 84″
  • Pit: not required. (Optional 4″ -12″)
  • Pit (Replaces Ground Floor Ramp)
  • Balcony Attachment
  • Custom Color frame
  • Opposite side Car entry and Exit
  • 90 Car Entry and Exit
  • Three Side Car Entry and Exit
  • Remote Controller Location
  • Panoramic Car Ceiling.
Glass Home Elevator