Atlas- MRL Home Elevator is our most popular home elevator model. It is a quiet, reliable, smooth and environmentally friendly elevator that is available at a very affordable price and no need for a machine room too!  This residential elevator comes with a number of options from plain oak veneer to glass cab walls. Fixtures range from Stainless Steel to oil rubbed brass.

We will work with you to customize and personalize your Atlas Residential Elevator with your home décor.


Atlas Home Elevator Features:

Machine- Room-Less Technology.

Machine-room-less (MRL) technology in home elevators was one of the biggest advances in elevator design since they went electric a century before.  Miniaturization of the motor and using a counter weight system has made it feasible to house the MRL machinery right in the elevator shaft rather than in a costly, space occupy additional machine room.


Eco- Fridley Home Elevator Technology

Traction drive: Incorporating a traction design, MRL elevators in some cases can use up to 80% less energy than hydraulic lifts, without the expense and environmental headaches of oil-filled hydraulic cylinders.

Capacity: 950lbs (432kg)

Speed:  40 fpm

Max Cab size: up to 16 sq/ft

Safety: Class A

Building Power Failure: UPS Back up lowing.

  • Cab Options- Glass Cabs, Wood, Metal….
  • Car Doors and gate options.
  • Fixtures (Brass, Oil rubbed, Aluminum)
  • Battery Lowering.
MRL Home Elevator