Small Elevators


CITI Elevator is proud to introduce our new range of Small Elevators for the home. This unique line of personal elevators has been designed to fit easily and conveniently into your home. It can carry 2-3 people, luggage, boxes etc, unlike a stairlift which is designed specifically for one person.

This unique range is different from most residential elevators which generally take up a lot of room and also require a structural wall. Our distinctly styled In-Home elevator uses a twin rail system, eliminating the need for a supporting wall, making it possible to fit it virtually anywhere inside a two-story house. Furthermore, this versatile and compact shaft-less elevator can be installed without the significant cost of having a shaft constructed and will have minimum impact on your home

The clever design of CITI’s personal home elevators ensures that the installation is done in very less time and at a low cost.

Some of the significant features of our Residential Elevator are as follows:

  • Fast Installation
  • Quiet drive System
  • Efficient use of power
  • Machine-room less
  • Compact and easy to install anywhere
  • Unique guide system eliminating the need for a supporting wall

CITI’s small Elevators for your home are available in several different options, safety features, finishes and a two-year warranty. We can provide a clear body for a more contemporary look or solid walls. Thru Car option can also be made available, which allows the user to enter and exit from both sides.

If you are looking for a quick, safer and convenient way to get between floors, email us today for your free Quotation of our In-Home, personal elevators!


Capacity:     375lbs/ 170kg  (DUO)

480lbs/ 220kg (Trio)

Power:         220V-250V AC (will work with 110v with Step-up transformer)

Max Travel: 13′-1″/4M

Operation: Constant pressure (Hold- to- Run)

Door Safety: Light Curtain

Lock Out: Key Switch Operation

Safety pan: Top and Bottom Safety Pans

Overload: weight Limit Sensors.

Balance: Out of Balance Sensor

Over Speed:  Overspeed Detection

Fall arrest mechanism


Capacity:  485lbs/ 220kg

Cab Style: On/off Opposite sides

Cab: Plexi-Glass Wall

Communication: Telephone

Full Height Door(s)

Internal LED Downlights

Battery Back-up System